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Yeladenu team bids farewell to the children of Sderot

Last week we said farewell to the children of Sderot, in a variety of activities held at the "HaShachar" facilities in the Dead Sea and Eilat, concluding a meaningful period full of shared experiences.

At the "HaShachar" facility in the Dead Sea, the children of Sderot compiled a book summarizing all their experiences, moments and memories they had during their stay.


As a token of gratitude for their contribution and dedicated work, the children of Sderot awarded the staff certificates of appreciation in a moving seremony.

At the "HaShachar" facility in Eilat, the children of Sderot enjoyed creative and artistic activities and participated in challenging and team-building sports activities, where they collaborated, encouraged each other, and strengthened their physical fitness.

The farewell activities provided a special opportunity to congratulate the children of Sderot for their exceptional resilience, creativity, and true friendship. The "Yeladenu" team will continue to work for the children in conflict areas across the country, providing them with the necessary tools and support for their return home.

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