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Technological summer camp for displaced youth is underway

SpecTech, the first technological summer camp for displaced youth from the north, the south, and the periphery, is underway. This is the first of four camps organized by "Atidim" and "Yeladenu," aimed at youth from the periphery who are oriented towards an engineering-technological-scientific path.

Due to the current security situation, hundreds of thousands of students have been evacuated from their homes. Some of the youth are staying in hotels with their families in small rooms without personal space. Their social groups are scattered across the country, their emotional resilience is very low, and their educational gaps are significant.

The main goal of the camps is to generate curiosity in the fields covered by the camps, provide inspiration, enrichment, and practical tools for success, and strengthen their personal resilience.

The youth participating in SpecTech are 11th-grade students majoring in physics. The camp is being held at Selina Beach Hotel on the Tel Aviv coast, and the professional training provided is in RF (Radio Frequency) engineering by Interligent College. The participants enjoy a variety of activities designed to empower and strengthen their emotional, mental, and psychological resilience. Activities include surfing, playback theater, various workshops, musical social games with "Guru Zuzu" (silent discos), and more.

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