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Resilience for the Caregivers

The resilience of the caregiving teams is essential for them to enhance the resilience of the children they interact with. Therefore, at "Yeladenu," we provide them with professional training, seminars, and breaks from their regular work routine.

Last week, we held two events to strengthen the resilience of the teams working with us. The educational psychological service team from Kiryat Shmona went to Tel Aviv for a day that combined study and leisure to strengthen their resilience and prepare for upcoming challenges.

In the second event, 40 teachers from the new Shemesh Elementary School, established by "Yeladenu" in the new educational complex at Kibbutz Gevulot, went for two days of resilience strengthening in the central region. The program included training, a theater performance, a visit to the Photography Museum in Holon, and a tour of Tel Aviv.

The feedback we received from the participants of both events highlighted the importance of the activity. A glimpse:

"We had a significant day, wishing us more successful and enjoyable collaborations";

"A huge thank you for seeing us and investing in us";

"A huge thank you to the management team and Yeladenu for 24 hours of respite from the noises of war, and for the togetherness."

We will continue to work together to strengthen the resilience of our children, for their future, wherever they may be.

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