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Resilience for our Children and
Youth on the Frontlines

YELADENU is a nationwide initiative to support the children and youth from the conflict lines in facing the challenges following the October 7th attack. Our goal is to establish a holistic and continuous support system for their emotional, psychological, and educational needs.


On the morning of October 7, 2023, Israel awoke to a new, harsh, and cruel reality that left us bewildered and deeply pained. Amidst the chaos, children from the conflict zones found themselves displaced from their homes, facing great loss and uncertainty.


YELADENU was initiated in the early days of the war, by zionut 2000 and Sheatufim organizations, as an emergency operation to help the children and youth who were evacuated from their homes. Since then, we have been working alongside local authorities, government offices, and social and business organizations, to strengthen the resilience of children and youth in Israel.


Activities in the resilience centers


Private and group therapy sessions



Encounters with children and youth


To strengthen the resilience of children and youth from the conflict areas, wherever they may be, directly and indirectly. We collaborate with government authorities, the community, civil society organizations, and the business sector, to ensure their personal and communal health and future.


basic needs

Emergency Assistance: setting up Resilience Centers

During the first days of the war, temporary resilience centers were established in Eilat and the Dead Sea, for evacuees from the Eshkol Regional Council and the city of Sderot. Later on, children and youth from northern communities joined as well.

The centers provide comprehensive therapeutic, educational, and social support to thousands of children and youth until their return to their permanent residences.

Establishing a Support Infrastructure for the Return Home

Formulating a long-term therapeutic and social support framework to address the needs of children and youth returning to their homes or to other permanent locations throughout the country. Setting up reinforcement centers in the Eshkol Regional Council, the city of Sderot, and other locations in the south and north of the country.

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Formulating a Cross-Sector Initiative

Developing a national plan based on effective coordination and collaboration with government ministries, local authorities, business and social organizations, all working together for the benefit of children and youth.


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