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‘Yeladenu’ operation week 6 – The new resilience center in Eilat welcomes the children

Six weeks into this terrible war. Six weeks in which the children of the conflict lines in the Gaza Strip are cut off from their homes, from their schools, and from all the familiar routines of life. Added to this is the severe trauma they experienced in the Black Sabbath events on October 7th.

Yeladenu Operation continues in its effort to be an anchor of stability for the children and youth in these difficult times.

'Hashahar” (Dawn) complex in Eilat, which will serve as a temporary resilience center for children and youth from Sderot and the Eshkol Regional Council, is already set for full, individual and group activity. Security rooms will be added this week to create a sense of safety in the complex, and upon their arrival the activity will move from the hotels to the complex. The construction work at the Dead Sea Resilience Center also began, after receiving all the necessary approvals.

In terms of the therapeutic infrastructure for children and youth, we expanded the scope of permanent therapists at the resilience centers by about 50% with a commitment of each therapist to a therapeutic sequence of at least six months.

The informal programs that strengthen resilience are gaining momentum - from week to week we are expanding the scope of work, and in the last two weeks more than 130 activities have been delivered to 1,434 boys and girls with an emphasis on coping channels of resilience - physical, mental, values, social and cognitive.

In the last two weeks we met and hosted leading officials from the local authorities, philanthropy and the business sector in Israel and the world, which were impressed by the infrastructure and the activity and are examining possibilities for strategic partnerships.

We will continue to move forward, until we restore our children's trust in the country, the system and themselves.

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