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Yeladenu operation week 10: celebrating Hanukkah with our children and youth

Last week, the Yeladenu resilience centers in Eilat and the Dead Sea hosted Hanukkah ceremonies, attended by families and children. We were honored by the presence of the president's wife Mrs. Michal Herzog, the authority's leadership, the chairman of Sheatufim and Zionism 2000, Mr. Ronny Douek, and other notable guests.

 These ceremonies, infused with themes of hope, optimism, and renewal – core values of the 'Yeladenu' initiative – were highlighted by performances from local bands playing music, all set against the backdrop of the Hanukkah motif 'Great Light Will Be Here'. 

The event also included the symbolic lighting of candles by representatives of families and authorities, who jointly lit a large Menorahs, crafted by children and renowned artists. One of the Menorahs was later displayed in Tel Aviv's "Kidnapped Square", serving as a symbol of light and hope.

We are happy to see a significant rise in participation at our resilience centers, with thousands of children and youth getting involved in resilience-building activities, "Big Brother" gatherings and emotional therapy treatments.

On the first days of Yeladenu operation, we reached out to numerous business companies who joined our efforts. Companies such as Checkpoint, Dell, Ratio and others participated in financing the operation, and others as Bezeq, Tabula, Neviot, Unilever and WD generously provided in-kind donations including internet connectivity, laptops, food, drinks, and furniture.  

In the past weeks, employees from various companies actively participated by organizing volunteer activities for the children and youth. For instance, Netafim employees conducted a terrarium-building workshop, ICL employees offered sessions on water purification, Intel employees led four days of technology-focused activities, and Dell staff organized a fun 'Around the World' themed day at the Dead Sea Center for children from the city of Sderot.

We thank each one of the companies and employees for their support. 


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