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week 4 – building a long lasting infrastructure


Over the last four weeks, we have actively worked to advance operation YELADENU, forming infrastructures that will allow us to operate effectively, over time.

Temporary Resilience Centers in Eilat and the Dead Sea hotels:

1. Physical infrastructure - construction work began on the complex located in Eilat, its completion is planned for the coming weekend. The Complex in the Dead Sea is in final licensing process.

2. Emotional treatment - an additional budget was approved to strengthen the resilience teams of the city of Sderot and regional council of Eshkol, which will allow the addition of permanent therapists to provide a long-term therapeutic response of at least 6 months for the children and teenagers evacuated to the Dead Sea and Eilat hotels.

3. Informal programs - initial activity of informal programs to strengthen resilience of about 200 children and youth was held as a pilot within the hotels, (until completion of the physical complex). professional orientation was given for all programs and guides.

4. Partners and Resources - various partners from all sectors joined the operation, and an extra 3 million NIS were raised. We continue rapidly to expand our network of partners.

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