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The next stage of Yeladenu: Eshkol community returns home

As part of the next phase of the "Yeladenu” operation, and with the closing of the resilience centers in Eilat and the Dead Sea, we began accompanying the Eshkol Regional Council and its communities back to their homes and villages.

The professional team led by Aharon Kinnerich started mapping the needs and analyzing the existing situation in the council, and accordingly also formulating a plan for social activities to strengthen resilience for children and teenagers.

In recent weeks, we have inaugurated the new “HaShahar” center in Kibbutz Gvulot, which is an addition of 250 seats to the local high school, and began conducting targeted activities for the teaching staff. Additionally, the establishment of a 'therapeutic garden' for school students has begun.

In April, activities will expand in cooperation with the local authorities. The “HaShahar” center will serve as a hub for complementary resilience-building activities in cooperation with the community center, and will start weekend activities for children and youth.

We will continue to work to strengthen the resilience of the children of the conflict lines, wherever they are, to ensure their physical and mental health and their personal and communal future.

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