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The children of Sderot return home

Updated: May 9

As ‘Yeladenu’ operation is advancing to the next stage, we have begun assisting the residents and children of Sderot in returning to their homes, alongside with closing the ‘HaSahar’ centers in Eilat and the Dead Sea.

The professional team, led by Sarit Vizengrin, started mapping the needs of the local authority and its communities.

During March, we started formulating a training program for social activities aimed at strengthening resilience for children and adolescents. This program includes, among other things, a bonding activity for students and teachers among the return, examining solutions for unique populations – the ultra-Orthodox, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as continuing regular resilience activities for schools that are interested.

We are working to create continuity and sustainability to strengthen the resilience of the children and youth of Sderot.

We will continue to work to strengthen the resilience of children affected by the conflict lines, wherever they are, in order to ensure their physical and mental health and their personal and communal future.

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