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Sarit Viznerin Wins the Perez center Prize for Peace and Innovation 2024

Congratulations to Sarit Viznerin, the manager of "HaShachar" facility in Eilat, for winning the Perez Cener Prize for Peace and Innovation for the year 2024!

Sarit, a resident of Be'er Ora and the manager of a consulting firm, began searching for a project through which she could contribute to communities and the environment since that terrible Saturday of October 7’th 2023.

"We put everything aside, all our privileges, rights, and obligations, and wanted to go help people in need," Sarit says. "Initially, I arrived as an operations manager, responsible for logistics. Over time, my role changed, and I began to manage the project in Eilat."

"Yeladenu puts the children first, with all our hearts and souls. We work long days, but in the end, we get to see the children find a safe place, after being dislocated from their homes. They connect and play together... it's fulfilling. Very much so."

"This prize is not just for me. We are a team here, in the field and at headquarters. There are many people here who just want to contribute and work hard towards that. I want to express immense gratitude to Sheatufim and Tzionut 2000 for the opportunity to be part of this amazing project."

Sarit, thank you and all the good people working with you at "HaShachar" in Eilat!

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