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Operation YELADENU, week 3: setting up resilience facilities


Our emergency operation is working to provide support and assistance to children and youth on the frontlines by developing and implementing diverse solutions for their multi-system needs.

We are initiating the program by collaborating with two local authorities from the south: The City of Sderot and the Local Council of Eshkol. A specific focus on the needs of children and teenagers aged 6 - 18, grounded in the belief that family and community serve as essential pillars for both support and action.

Our initial work plan includes the physical setup of resilience facilities, which will serve as temporary centers for the children and youth of the city of Sderot and the Local Council of Eshkol, who were forced to evacuate their homes. Our goal, starting from November 5th, is to engage 5,000 children and youth in various activities each week.

The main partners who joined the operation are Heads of local authorities and their teams, including resilience coordinate

ors, the Israeli Coalition for Trauma, and the NATAL Organization – as experts in resilience, trauma, and actions in times of crises. Our strategic partners from philanthropy and the business sector are the Blavatnik family foundation, Scheinberg foundation, Wertheimer foundation, Tami foundation, JFNA, The Dell and Check Point companies and others.

To the third week of the war, we have raised resources amounting to 30,000,000 ILS. Our initial goal was 50,000,000 ILS and we are working tirelessly to bring in more partners.

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