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Operation YELADENU- second week of the war: recruiting partners and fundraising


The emergency operation for the resilience of our children, which was launched immediately after the events of 7.10, continues to gain momentum.

The objectives of the operation: to strengthen the resilience of the children of the affected conflict lines: wherever they are, directly and indirectly, in coordination and through the state authorities, the community, civil society organizations and the business sector, in order to ensure their health and their future.

The operation will focus on the needs of children and youth aged 6-18, under the assumption that the family and the community are necessary pillars for treatment and action at these ages.

Efforts to raise resources and strategic partners for the operation continue: as of the second week of the war, resources amounting to approximately 27 million NIS were raised, out of an initial target of 50 million NIS.

Key partners who joined the operation are heads of local authorities and their teams, including the resilience coordinators, the Israeli trauma coalition and the Natal organization - as experts in resilience, trauma and action in times of crisis, as well as leaders from philanthropy and the business sector.

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