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The war that broke out in the southern part of Israel on the morning of October 7, 2023, requires both the public and military systems to deal with a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. For the first time since the establishment of the state, children are on the front lines.

In a matter of hours, entire communities were destroyed and eradicated. Atrocious crimes were committed against our brothers and sisters, forever wounding our hearts.

As the State of Israel was dragged into a bloody war, 240 Israelis were kidnapped, while more than 1,400 women, men, children, the elderly, civilians, and armed forces were brutally murdered, and thousands have been injured.

The children of the south border, many of whom lost their parents, families, homes, and communities, need personalized support and professional assistance to restore their vitality and strength in this critical time.

Sheatufim and Zionism 2000, two leading social organizations in Israel, decided to join forces and launch YELADENU (Our Children's Shield) – an unprecedented operation aimed at meeting the multifaceted needs of children and youth in the conflict zones.

The operation began with an expedited fundraising campaign of 50 million NIS, to provide immediate and comprehensive support to the systemic needs of children and youth in the conflict areas. 



To strengthen the resilience of children who have endured traumatic experiences on the frontlines, regardless of their current location, even if they are temporarily residing in places they were relocated to after evacuations. We aim to ensure resilience through both direct and indirect means, in close coordination with state and local authorities, their communities, civil society organizations, and the business sector, all with the goal of securing their well-being and shaping a promising future for both them and their communities.

Immediate Actions – Operating temporary Resilience Centers at the Evacuation Sites in the Dead Sea area and Eilat


Two resilience centers were set up in order to serve as a temporary home, supporting the reactivation of the resilience centers in Sderot and Eshkol. These facilities deliver educational and treatment services in the Dead Sea area and in Eilat.

In the Dead Sea hotels, there are 1,400 children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18, and in the city of Eilat, there are 4,000 children and youth within the same age range.

The temporary resilience centers are being operated through collaboration and cooperation with staff from the local authorities, the resilience centers, the education and social service divisions, organizations, and various stakeholders involved in youth movements, educational entities, local activities, and similar initiatives.


The centers provide an extended treatment process that includes creating an enabling environment and ensuring a consistent therapist is available throughout the entire day. They also offer non-formal activities designed to foster resilience among children and youth during the afternoon and evening hours, all weekdays.


Medium to Long-Term Activities (Up to One Year)

We collaborate with each authority to enhance and rehabilitate its resilience systems, with a strong focus on ensuring a successful return to capability. This is achieved through a dedicated collaboration with governmental bodies and relevant business and social organizations.


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