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Resilience for our Children and Youth
on the Frontlines

YELADENU is an emergency operation, established by leading civil society organizations, foundations and the business community in Israel. Our goal is to help children and youth on the conflict lines face the many challenges following October 7th, and give them the support they need for a brighter future.
We aim to provide a comprehensive and continuous response to the emotional, mental and educational needs of the children and youth, focusing on resilience-building activities


On Saturday morning, October 7th, the State of Israel woke up to a brutal attack unlike any other. Within hours, entire communities were destroyed, terrible crimes were committed against our brothers and sisters and wounded our hearts forever.
The war is forcing the Israeli public and military systems to deal with a social event of an unprecedented magnitude.
For the first time ever, the children in the conflict areas are on the front line.


Sheatufim and Zionism 2000, two leading civil society organizations with extensive experience in managing large scale social operations, are joining forces in a cross-sector emergency operation for the resilience of the children on the front lines.


To strengthen the resilience of children who have endured traumatic experiences on the frontlines, regardless of their current location, even if they are temporarily residing in places they were relocated to after evacuations. We aim to ensure resilience through both direct and indirect means, in close coordination with state and local authorities, their communities, civil society organizations, and the business sector, all with the goal of securing their well-being and shaping a promising future for both them and their communities.


basic needs

Resilience Centers

Operating two temporary resilience centers that have been set up in the Dead Sea area and in Eilat, reaching 5,400 children and youth.

Extensive Treatment

Providing an extended emotional treatment process, in an enabling environment throughout the entire day.


Non-formal Activity

Offering non-formal activities designed to foster resilience among children and youth during the afternoon and evening hours.

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Cross-sector Collaboration

Collaboration with local authorities, the education and social service divisions,
organizations, and various stakeholders.

Immediate fund-raising goal:
50,000,000 ILS

Your support is crucial in making this emergency operation a reality, strengthening the well-being of the children living on our borders.

BANK LEUMI Maskit st. 32, Herezelia
Account : 18422/32
Branch No. : 783
IBAN IL64 0107 8300 0000 1842 232
BENEFICIARY NAME: SHEATUFIM- public benefit company for the advancement of the civil society LTD.


For more information please contact us.



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